CTS, Google Cloud, Sky Logos
CTS, Google Cloud, Sky Logos

Sky Streamlines Governance to Enhance Security using Google Cloud

Find out how Europe’s largest media company and paid TV broadcaster embraced intelligent security to pave the way for future innovation.
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2023 • 2024

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“At Sky, we want our cloud systems to be secure, scalable, and future-proof. By working with Appsbroker, we revamped how we manage everything, with fewer manual errors thanks to smarter, automated solutions on Google Cloud that ultimately make us more efficient, reliable, and cost-effective as a business.”
Baghya lakshmi, Cyber Security Project Manager, Sky
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Intelligent Policies, Rapid Breach Prevention

The challenge as a multi-cloud consumer, Sky wanted to have a clear and simple way of evaluating any workload against a set of architecture pillars that made policy tracking more efficient and reduced its reliance on outdated Cloud Functions. In security terms, Sky required a smarter way to identify future failure points and potential breaches faster, with a secure cloud infrastructure.

Automation that Redefines Processes and Security

We were asked to evaluate where the customer could remove the need for costly, manual policies and introduce cloud-based automation solutions to quicken processes and improve security, including migrating projects between Sky Italy and Sky UK on GCP.

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Goodbye Hardcoded Credentials, Hello Seamless Access

Our solution enabled Sky to make efficiency savings by migrating them from a custom DNS to Google Cloud DNS, eliminating hardcoded credentials to improve overall system security. We also implemented Service Account strategies to ensure secure access and reduce the risk of a breach. Using Infrastructure-as-Code (IAC) we transformed Sky’s Google Cloud org policies, adding automation to reduce manual errors.

A Journey towards a Future-Proof Infrastructure

Migrating to Google Cloud DNS delivered several benefits, including effectively removing costly infrastructure expenses associated with VMware, and streamlined maintenance to enhance reliability. Automated processes contributed to Sky’s future-ready cloud infrastructure which is now scalable, efficient, and offers seamless integration of new cloud technologies and services.

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Sky is one of Europe’s leading media and entertainment companies and is proud to be part of Comcast Corporation. Across six countries its innovative products connect 23 million customers to the best apps, and all the entertainment, sports, news and arts they love, including our award-winning original content.

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We are the largest Google Cloud-only digital consultancy in Europe. With offices in the UK, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and Romania, we’re home to some of the industry’s foremost cloud experts, with over 300 employees, 420+ Google certifications and numerous industry awards, including Partner of the Year 2023 for DEI.

Together, we’ve become an award-winning powerhouse for strategic consulting and best-in-class engineering, uniting expertise in AI, security, martech, data, and Workspace to provide one Google experience for clients. 

As a values-driven, certified B Corporation, we all place a strong emphasis on delivering positive, sustainable impacts both for its clients and the wider world around them.

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